Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01530 Electronic Earmuff Review

Design Overview

A camouflage design always signifies that the set of earmuffs you’re looking at is meant for outdoor use, so naturally you’d be looking at these earmuffs if you’re more than just a shooting hobbyist who enjoys a more controlled session at the shooting range. Beyond the camouflage appearance though, these earmuffs are indeed aimed for practical, outdoor usage which is a feature you can immediately spot when you consider that they offer unimpeded clearance space for your firearm’s stock (like a rifle). The headband also features what the manufacturers have dubbed a “low-profile” design, which simply means it’s narrow and doesn’t take up much space above your skull. You won’t be hitting up against overhanging bushes or anything like that, so no worries about the earmuffs falling off, especially if they otherwise fell off at crucial shooting moments.

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Features & Application

You can definitely use this set of earmuffs at the shooting range, but you’d be missing out on a whole lot of its uniquely distinguishing features if you only limited its use to the range. It’s out in the field, in the bushes or just the general outdoors where these earmuffs are at their best. For starters you’d look like a bit of an idiot, perhaps, if you showed up at the shooting range kitted out in camouflage. However, on more a practically application basis, ambient sound amplification is mostly required when out hunting or even shooting with other fellow enthusiasts. That’s what this set of earmuffs gives you; great amplification of those ambient field noises you don’t want to drown out, like communication from other shooters (voices) and just natural sounds of the environment.

The microphones which pick up and amplify these “essential” sounds operate directionally, which means you hear the sound from the real direction it’s coming from. A nice built-in protective feature for your hearing is the limitation placed on the ambient sound amplification. The amplification goes up to a total of a safe 82 dB and if the noise goes higher than that, the earmuffs simply go back to passive mode. In this passive mode you get pure protection for your hearing and nothing much else, hence the Noise Reduction Rating of 22. Connect your MP3 player or radio scanner and power up with two AAA sized batteries for some comfortable protection for your hearing and preserve the life of your batteries with the built-in auto turn-off feature, which kicks in after four hours.

The actual battery life varies depending on how heavily you use the integrated electronic features, but you’ll enjoy good battery life.



  • Always ensures any noise you’re exposed to is at a safe 82dB, so no impulsive noise damage to your hearing
  • These earmuffs fold-up very easily for convenient transportation and storage
  • The manufacturers seem to have solved a very annoying but persistent problem a lot of earmuffs have, which is skin irritation and sweating where the earmuffs make contact with the area around your ears. What they call Air Flow Control Technology very effectively keeps that area cool
  • The battery storage compartment is conveniently located externally, so it’s very easy to change used up batteries


  • Quite honestly, these earmuffs don’t have any REAL cons. Perhaps an LED electronic display or indicator could’ve been a nice design variation, but I’m not too sure how that would work out

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This is a very impressive set of earmuffs you can use to protect your hearing while shooting. You probably won’t find better-performing earmuffs for this price and they’re great at blocking out potentially damaging noise. They are very comfortable too and don’t take up a lot of space while you’re using them or if you’ve packed them away while in transition. The microphones are also more sensitive and responsive than their Peltor counterparts’, which they are normally compared to since they have so many similarities. See other ear protection for shooting here!