5 Best Baby Ear Protection (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020]

Did you ever know that the only sense organ among the five that fully develop to a mature adult size with the baby in the womb is the “inner ear”? So you can understand the importance of this organ since the time of inception of a little child. Not only serve the purpose of hearing, ears are extremely important to maintain the body balance and the amount of air pressure that the skull receives. It is the organ that helps keep our nervous system intact as well. So don’t you think we should invest a little on taking precautions before any damage happens to the ears of our little ones, owing to the growing amount of noise pollution around? Just read on to find out what are the best baby ear protection and the best earplugs for children are. As they always say, prevention is better than cure!

Top 5 Baby Ear Protection

  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • EarPlanes Children's Ear Plugs, Disposable
  • PRICE $$
  • Material : Hypoallergenic Silicone
  • NRR Ratings : 20
  • DIMENSIONS : 5 x 3 x 2
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $$
  • Material : Silicone
  • NRR Ratings : 21
  • DIMENSIONS : 1 x 3 x 6
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • Noise Busters - baby ear plus for swimming
  • PRICE $$$
  • Material : Soft polymer material
  • NRR Ratings : N / A
  • DIMENSIONS : 2 x 1.5 x 0.7
  • 3.6 Customer Rating
  • Flents Kids Silicone Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $$$
  • Material : Silicone
  • NRR Ratings : 21
  • DIMENSIONS : 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4
  • INCLUDE : Carrying case and 2 packages of assorted colors
  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • Mack's 6 pair Pillow Soft Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $
  • Material : Silicone
  • NRR Ratings : 22
  • DIMENSIONS : 8 x 1 x 6

1. EarPlanes Children’s Ear Plugs, Disposable

A disposable earplug to fit those tiny ear canals without causing any itchiness and discomfort.


  • Extremely soft
  • Easily disposable
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone
  • Prevents clogging
  • Regulates air pressure
  • Filters loud noise
  • Recommended by doctors

      To be very honest:

  • These earplugs work nicely for the kids, especially for the little flyers, who get extremely irritated in the aircraft due to the change of air pressure. The earplugs fit the small ear canals nicely and also muffle the sound of the airplane engines.
  • Even for people with chronic ear diseases, these earplugs are good and they can use it regularly due to its great anti-irritation material quality.
  • The earplugs are disposable, that is, they are for one-time usage. So you do not have to take any extra care about cleaning the earplugs but you should check it thoroughly before inserting the plugs into the ear canal and try not to touch these with bare hands too much.

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2. Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Earplugs

Colorful earplugs in an awesome little case for storing them.


  • Peppy colours
  • 6 pairs in a storage case
  • Good for swimming
  • Seals the ear canals

     Coming down to reality:

  • These earplugs need not be inserted and might be found as a more comfortable option for kids as they have really sensitive and tiny ear canals.
  • The earplugs are really suitable for flights or for swimming as they keep the pressure balanced.
  • These earplugs were found great for kids as they might even have a tendency of taking out the inserted plugs but with the seals, they would basically feel no difference at all.
  • There is no friction of any sort.
  • But the adults should keep these earplugs at a safer distance from babies and children in general as the colors are really attractive and that might bring about a tendency for kids to swallow or do such dangerous things with the plugs. So better keep them away when not in use!
  • It is basically dirt cheap and is easily available as well.

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3. Noise Busters Baby Earplugs for Swimming

A reusable traditional earplug designed especially for kids.


  • Soft polymer material
  • Specifically structured
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Regulates loud noise
  • Perfect for bathing, swimming or diving

      To tell you the truth:

  • Though it is said that it is specifically for taking a dip in the pool, but you will find it even better when you use it for blocking out loud sounds that you don’t want to be disturbed with.
  • More than controlling air pressure, this earplug is more for noise regulation.
  • This earplug can also be used by adults who have smaller ear canals.
  • The material is pretty decent and does not fall out easily due to its shape.
  • It is extremely comfortable to wear and also does a wonderful job while taking a shower.
  • The price may be a little more on the higher side compared to the other variants, but this is reusable and hence definitely worth the investment.

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4. Flents Kids Silicone Earplugs

Colorful and reusable earplugs to take care of your little one’s hearing.


  • Seals out water
  • Interesting colours
  • Extremely affordable
  • Used while swimming, bathing or for regulating loud noise
  • Safe material

      Coming down to reality:

  • The bright color makes it really easier for you to comprehend whether the plugs have neatly covered your child’s ear or not.
  • Does not irritate the little ear canals and does not even leave any residue which might happen at times due to the long duration of usage.
  • But in some cases, it might not perfectly seal the ears and might fall off, so you have to be very careful while using.
  • If your child has any kind of ear infection, it is advised that you use these only once and chuck the used product.
  • When used during swimming, the products can fit effortlessly under the cap to prevent water leakage.

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5. Mack’s 6 Pair Pillow Soft Earplugs

Colorful and soft, these earplugs will surely be loved by our kids


  • Waterproof
  • Can be used on flights
  • Silicone made
  • Noise reduction: 22 decibels

     To be very honest:

  • The earplugs work nicely for kids who have tubes in their ears.
  • Works okay for kids while swimming but many people have complained that it came lose once the water hits the ears.
  • Also works nicely for noise cancellation and you can just slide these in your child’s ears if you have the habit of snoring too loudly.
  • You can use these if you go for activities such as camping as they will keep your ears protected from insects, worms or such things as you would be sleeping on the ground.

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Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Earplugs for their Kids

You have to believe the fact that among all the sense organs, ears are the most sensitive and under-protected sense organ that needs to be specially cared for. A child, before learning about facial recognition, learns to hear first and understand the different kinds of sounds through which they learn to differentiate. A child’s hearing is very sensitive and it is extremely important that you take care of them from now so that they do not have to face any problem in future. The ear protective devices for babies muffle extremely loud sounds which can actually irritate them. So if they are accompanying you at concerts, or racing tracks and such places, where there would be loud noises, do use ear protective devices so that their hearing is preserved.

Let’s us take a look at the different types of earplugs that are available.

  1. Foam Disposable earplugs
  • The foam disposable earplugs are most commonly used earplugs of all time.
  • These earplugs are really cheap and are very easily available.
  • You can use these earplugs not only because they are cheap but they are easily disposable and you do not need to take care or clean and maintain it. It is ideal if it is used on an infected ear because you do not need to use it again and hence can gradually get rid of the infection.
  1. Reusable earplugs
  • The reusable ones can be used over a number of days and it is ideal to be used for kids if they can handle the way earplugs muffle sounds and regulate the air pressure.
  • These earplugs need regular cleaning and should be preserved in a hygienic and delicate way.
  • The earplugs might be a little on the higher side when it comes to pocket pinch but it is worth a buy because your kids should be properly taken care of.
  • These can last for over a year if kept nicely.
  • These are ideal for kids who take regular swimming classes or ballet classes.

Now, what are the things you should take care of when it comes to selecting the perfect earplug?

  1. Quality: you should never compromise with the quality of the ear plugs. You should determine that the quality is hypoallergenic in nature so that it does not cause any irritation in the really delicate ear canals. The quality will also determine the durability of the earplug. Remember, it is through hearing a baby learns his first words and you should never think twice about spending on a product that would preserve such a sense organ without which the entire system of the body would be affected, from the brain to the nervous system, it is all in the ear!
  2. Purpose: It is really important that you understand the purpose for which you are buying the earplugs. Is it for water sports, for camping, for noise regulation on the roads or for sleeping? You should really think about the activity during which your earplugs would come to use and then determine what to buy so that you get the exact result that you wanted. For example, if it is an earplug needed for swimming classes, then you should remember that you need to protect your child from having swimmer’s ears. So an earplug that seals out water would be more comfortable in this case. Again for concerts or racing tracks, an earplug can regulate noise when inserted to the ear canals, would do just fine.
  3. Disposable/ Reusable: This is a common question that all the parents face when buying a set of earplugs for their kids. If it is a short term usage, for example, a flight journey or maybe a camping journey, a disposable ear plug would be enough because there would be hardly any use of it after that. But if a child goes to a swimming pool or to a music class, where he or she needs ear plugs regularly, it is advised that you invest on a pricy and good quality ear plug so that it can be used over and over again. Reusable ear plugs can stay up to a year if taken care of in a proper manner.

5 Most Dangerous Situations your Kids’ Hearing Should be Protected from

best baby ear protection

  1. Swimmer’s ear

Suffering from swimmer’s ear is something you will always want to avoid happening to your kids. It can be extremely painful for your kids to have a swelling inside the ear and it really hurts like anything! This situation happens when adequate protection is not taken and traces of water at times retain in the ears, which slowly accumulates bacteria that attacks the ears. Here swimming earplugs are must.

  1. Temporary deafness due to heavy noise

The ear drums of the kids are EXTREMELY sensitive and when a very sharp and loud noise is made, they ring in such a manner that it can even tear. So when kids are exposed to very sharp noises, such as industrial noise or sounds made by fast cars, they, at times, face a lot of pain.

  1. Wind noises

The sound of the wind is also very harmful to kids. Suppose your kid is taking a joyride in Disneyland, but when that roller coaster starts to descend, the wind pressure might affect your child’s hearing ability.

  1. If the infection is exposed

If your child’s ear infection is exposed to a deeply polluted air, it can also cause serious harm since the ear is already in a very delicate condition.

  1. While feeding liquid to infants

You might find this funny, but infants who still do not have the ability to sit are fed while they are still in a lying down position. At times it so happens that move and the liquid might just trickle right to the ears. This is actually an extremely dangerous condition which needs to be avoided.

A Parent’s Guide to Using Earplugs on Babies

baby ear protection reviews

  1. Parents need to be extra careful while using earplugs on babies.
  2. They should read the instruction manual carefully and determine how to use it. Abstain from any kind of experimentation.
  3. If you are using disposable earplugs, please chuck it away after one usage even if it is just for a very short span of time.
  4. Please keep the earplugs away when not in use as the babies might find those little colorful objects attractive and try to swallow them or put them into their noses. That would be a really horrific situation!
  5. Please check if the material is suiting your baby or if it is causing any slight redness or irritation. Do contact your doctor right away if you find any of these things.

Best Baby Ear Protection Comparison Chart

EarPlanes Children's Ear Plugs, Disposable
$$Hypoallergenic Silicone205 x 3 x 2ONE PAIR
Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Ear Plugs
$$Silicone211 x 3 x 66 PAIRS
Noise Busters - baby ear plus for swimming
$$$Soft polymer materialN / A2 x 1.5 x 0.7ONE PAIR
Flents Kids Silicone Ear Plugs
$$$Silicone210.4 x 0.4 x 0.4Carrying case and 2 packages of assorted colors
Mack's 6 pair Pillow Soft Ear Plugs
$Silicone228 x 1 x 66 PAIRS

Wrap Up

We hope that you do have a comprehensive knowledge about the best earplugs for babies and children that is available in the market and that you will be able to justify your own selection which should be based on the purpose you are buying for. The best baby ear protection will not only ease your worry about your child’s ear safety but the health benefits of regularly using earplugs are really immense, which your child may realize when they reach their forties or maybe later. They would simply throw away the artificial aids and live a healthier life for sure! After all, ears are definitely important for us, thus, you can rely on our reviews and guide of all kinds of earplugs and earmuffs.