6 Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs – [ Fully Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020]

Did you have the slightest idea that earplugs were used in ancient Greece? Yes, the first recorded use dates back the days of Odysseus when his crew used earplugs to shield their ears from Siren’s songs. So, the importance of earplugs has been discovered since time immemorial, one can easily say it. A set of earplugs might look teeny tiny to you, but you have no idea how massively it can help when it comes to protecting your hearing ability, especially in the case of motorcyclists. You just don’t want your hearing to fly away with the wind, isn’t it? So it is extremely important for one to understand the need of safeguarding the ears from the constant exposure to high-velocity wind force. To have a detailed idea about the best motorcycle ear plugs, simply scroll down and read on.

Top-rated Motorcycle Ear Plugs

  • 3.8 Customer Rating
  • Plugfones Motorcycle Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $$$
  • Material : Silicone or Foam
  • NRR Ratings : 25
  • INCLUDE : 1 pair of silicone ear plug tips and 1 pair of foam ear plug tips
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Ear Defense Earplugs Acoustic Filters
  • PRICE $$
  • Material : Extremely soft, pliable silicone
  • NRR Ratings : The white filters 27 The green filters 23
  • INCLUDE : 2 different filters ( White and Green )
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • No noise Motorcycle Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $$$
  • Material : Special ceramic material
  • NRR Ratings : 29.6
  • INCLUDE : Silicone-free construction
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Rave High Fidelity Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $
  • NRR Ratings : 19 DECIBELS (Clear Filter) or 25 DECIBELS (White Filter)
  • INCLUDE : 1 carrying case, and 2 pairs of ear plugs (1 short stem, 1 long stem)
  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • Etymotic Research ER20XS High Definition Motorcycle Ear Plugs
  • PRICE $$
  • Material : SILICONE
  • NRR Ratings : 20
  • INCLUDE : 1 pair of high-fidelity earplugs
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • Hearos Ear Plugs Xtreme Protection
  • PRICE $
  • Material : Soft Foam
  • NRR Ratings : 33
  • INCLUDE : 14 pair

1. Plugfones Motorcycle Ear Plugs Earbuds

It’s the earplug that lets you hear your favorite music while shielding your ears from great wind or excessive noise. This set can be considered one of the best motorcycle ear plugs headphones. Quality and clear sound is guaranteed when you want to listen to your favorite music.


  • Comfortable to wear and doesn’t fall out
  • Both foam and silicone earplugs are provided
  • Great sound quality with enhanced bass
  • Double reinforced jack
  • High-quality flexible wire casting

      To be honest:

  • The best part is that you can switch between the silicone and foam ear plugs according to your need.
  • The noise quality was pretty neat and the way it settles inside the ear even underneath the helmet. Also, the chord is pretty long enough for you to comfortably wear it and attach it to your phone or music player while driving.
  • You have to be extra careful while cleaning them as the wires are too delicate and also the fact that they do not last more than 6 to 8 months.

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2. Ear Plugs for Motorcycle, Sport & Travel by Ear Defense

These high-end earplugs even come with acoustic filters, that’s why they can be used by ear plugs for musicians too.


  • Absolutely comfortable fit
  • 12-month guarantee
  • Fits neatly and discreetly
  • Washable silicone earplugs
  • Economical investment
  • Hypoallergenic in nature and does not cause rash or itchiness
  • Includes 2 neck chords and 4 stalk extenders

      Coming down to real life:

  • The ear plugs are really good even for people with smaller ear canals. The ear plugs come in two sizes making it easier for one to choose what is most suitable for their ears.
  • For motorcyclists or race track visitors, the earplugs seem to work perfectly as they block out the sharp noises which might damage the ears. Also, the fit inside the helmet in comfortable.
  • It should be noted that since these are extremely delicate you have to be extra careful while taking them out of the ear and also clean them occasionally to preserve the crisp way in which they work.
  • However, carrying the canister could be bit of a problem and at times become a burden.

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3. NoNoise Motorcycle Earplugs

Protect your hearing with these ear plugs having ceramic filters (including zirconium oxide, at temperature 2,700°C). This technique enables precision attenuation and high definition sound.


  • Silicone free and comfortable for daily use
  • Universal-fit hearing protection
  • Ceramic filter for better protection
  • Thermoplastic and hypoallergenic material
  • Patented shape to avoid noise leaks

      Frankly speaking:

  • For people with small or medium ear canals, the ear plug might need to compromise a bit because it comes in only one size and the ceramic filter might get a bit uncomfortable.
  • The wind noise, of course, gets muffled but you might, in general, not be extraordinarily happy with the result it produces, especially the ones using a cruiser or sports bikes.
  • The ear plugs are easy to pull out and tend to get less dirty due to the material with which it is built.
  • The longevity of the plugs seems to be pretty great even after one year of regular use.


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4. Rave High Fidelity Earplugs

Protect your ears now with these to do away with hearing aids later.


  • Comfortable and light weight
  • Easy to wear for a long time
  • Discreet
  • 3 layer design
  • Does not muffle sound
  • Perfect for bikers and musicians

       To be honest:

  • You would be pretty satisfied with the fact that you should be able to hear the voices pretty well even after hearing this as these plugs do not block out or muffle voices.
  • The plugs come in a super cute pouch which makes it easier to carry.
  • For bikers, these can reduce the amount of wind noise and protect the ears. These settle snugly even under the helmets and do not cause any disturbance to the riders.
  • Even for people who have tinnitus, these ear plugs are highly effective and they can use it to control the noise levels.

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5. Etymotic Research HD motorcycle Earplugs

Stemless design to sit comfortably under the helmet. These come with three interchangeable ear tips: standard 3-flange, large 3-flange and foam set. Need we say more?


  • Possesses three interchangeable pairs of ear-tips
  • Stemless design
  • Reduces noise level but does not muffle speech
  • Perfect for bikers, industrial workers, musicians
  • NOT recommended for sleeping or for shielding impulse noise, such as shooting.

       Frankly speaking:

  • These earplugs are great for the motorcyclists and automobile enthusiasts. They absolutely reduce high pitched noise yet do not muffle voices or natural environmental sounds.
  • The sponge makes the ear plug settle comfortably and align with the outer ear which makes it more comfortable.
  • Seems like there’s a high chance you’ll keep on losing them as it is really difficult to handle them without using the string that’s provided.

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6. Hearos Ear Plugs Xtreme Protection Series

The ear plug comes in a pack of three. Economic per se! Hearos are considered the most affordable noise canceling ear plugs.


  • Basic noise reduction
  • Suitable for all
  • Super-soft
  • Can fit into ear canals of any size

     Coming down to reality:

  • You need to get the hang of using them before you can comfortably insert these in your ear canal every time.
  • These are easy to use even for people with larger ears.
  • The material is super soft and does not cause any itching.
  • Might get a little problematic when wearing beneath the helmets.

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How Should Motorcyclists Select the Perfect Ear Plugs?

motorcycle ear plugsLook, people have different kinds of opinions about the usage of earplugs while riding a motorcycle. It is extremely important to understand when, why and what kind of ear plugs you need to invest your time, money and resources upon, to make the best of the situation. Let’s first check out what the different kinds of ear plugs those are available.

  1. Foam Disposable earplugs
  • These earplugs are perhaps the most commonly used earplugs of all time.
  • These are absolutely inexpensive and offer great comfort while protecting the hearing ability to the fullest.
  • Just because they are foam and disposable does not mean that you should buy the cheapest one available in the market. The quality of foam should be checked before you decide to invest on one because they are completely inserted into the ear canal and you should be really careful about the material because, otherwise, it can severely damage your ears.
  1. Reusable earplugs
  • Just as the name suggests, these ear plugs are not for one-time usage but can be used over and over again, especially if you are someone who would like to block your ears before sleeping or use it while riding a bike.
  • The reusable ear plugs need to be cleaned at regular intervals and need to delicately deal with.
  • These earplugs also are a little high on the pricing but are worth the investment if you want to acquire a high-quality product for everyday use and not the disposable ones because that will certainly not be an economic option.
  • These can last for over a year if you properly care for it.
  1. Corded earplugs
  • Corded earplugs are nothing but a pair of earplugs that are attached together by a chord.
  • The one great thing about corded earplugs is that you will not lose them very easily. The unattached ones tend to get lost very soon, just like your daily drama of searching for socks. Corded earplugs will stay together and it will be easier for you to use. Sometimes, even for unattached earplugs, chords are given, for the same purpose.
  • If you are someone who does not use ear plugs frequently, corded earplugs will be good for you because you can easily take it out from your ears and keep it hanging from your neck, while riding a bike or so, without the fear that you will lose track of it.
  1. Custom-moulded earplugs
  • Perhaps the best of all earplugs, the custom molded earplugs are specifically designed to fit your ears.
  • These earplugs might be high on the pocket pinch part, but if you are someone, who understands the importance of earplugs and uses them regularly for protection, this is the one for you.
  • Custom molded earplugs are generally used by professionals such as racers, shooters or industrial and lab workers to shield their hearing against damage through extremely high pitched noises.
  • These earplugs are designed in such a way that the human voices come crystal clear but the loud sounds are absolutely reduced.

The uses of ear plugs become easier as you tend to understand how to use them and wear them regularly. For motorcyclists, it is extremely important that they choose a perfect earplug to wear underneath their helmets and use them regularly to ensure that they do not need a hearing aid in the latter half of their lives.

Tips to Riders on How They Can Keep Their Ears Healthy

best motorcycle ear plugsThere have been many debates about this topic and many pieces of research have been conducted to find out how the riders can protect their hearing from getting damaged.

Firstly, they need to understand how and why their ears get damaged due to the wind. It will be pretty easy for the riders to understand that when they are traveling at 20 mph to 40 mph, the basic sound of the engine, along with a little sound of the passing wind comes.

As they go faster, a shrill noise of the wind comes which is the air that swirls between the gap of the helmet. This noise becomes extremely high pitched slowly and constantly plays till the time you ride. This is where an earplug comes to the rescue by minimizing wind noise as much as possible.

Secondly, they should also try and wear protective helmets which are custom made to fit their heads so that this gap is reduced as much as possible.

Thirdly, the riders should get their ears checked at regular intervals and keep the ear canals clean to ensure a smooth pathway for the earplugs and also the fact that there are no prevailing damages of the hearing ability.

5 Myths about earplugs motorcyclists to pay attention to! Riders, are you listening?

motorcycle ear plugs reviews

  1. If you are on a loud bike, then only use an earplug.

Please do not be convinced by the above statement dear bikers. The purpose of an earplug is not only to reduce the noise made by the engine but primarily to protect the ears from wind noise. Even when you take a short, slow ride, it worth using the ear plugs.

  1. You will not be able to hear traffic sirens, horns, etc if you wear earplugs.

Oh my God, no! This is the most common misconception that people have about wearing earplugs. They just reduce high-pitched noises but in no way do they muffle sirens and horns. So, do not ever worry about these.

  1. A full-faced helmet does not require an ear plug.

Yes, it does. A full faced helmet DOES require earplugs because they protect the air from entering your ear canal and protect it from the shrill sound of the wind. A full faced helmet will also have a gap through which the air enters.

  1. You don’t require an earplug if you travel shorter distances.

Yes, you do! Be it a scooter or a bike, you really need earplugs to protect your ears from the swirling wind pressure.

  1. A windshield will cut own the impact.

Of course it will, but not specifically for your ears. So, instead of decorating your bike with an enormous windshield, spend a tiny bit on an earplug and ride with ease!


Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs Comparison Chart

Plugfones Motorcycle Ear Plugs
$$$Silicone or Foam25Blockout background noise and allow you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying great sound quality1 pair of silicone ear plug tips and 1 pair of foam ear plug tips
Ear Defense Earplugs Acoustic Filters
$$Extremely soft, pliable siliconeThe white filters 27 The green filters 23Filters to reduce noise without muffling the sound2 different filters ( White and Green )
No noise Motorcycle Ear Plugs
$$$Special ceramic material 29.6Reduces engine and wind noise for racing and touringSilicone-free construction
Rave High Fidelity Ear Plugs
$HYPOALLERGENIC SILICONE MATERIAL19 DECIBELS (Clear Filter) or 25 DECIBELS (White Filter)Designed for those who want to enjoy an experience while protecting their hearing1 carrying case, and 2 pairs of ear plugs (1 short stem, 1 long stem)
Etymotic Research ER20XS High Definition Motorcycle Ear Plugs
$$SILICONE20Reduces sound levels evenly so that speech and environmental sounds are clear and natural1 pair of high-fidelity earplugs
Hearos Ear Plugs Xtreme Protection
$Soft Foam33Help you focus by blocking the distracting noises14 pair

Wrap Up

The last thing motorcycle riders need is having “Tinnitus” (noise in the ear). Ear plugs are something that should be considered mandatory by all motorcyclists as they might realize it right away but pretty so their ability to hear crisp sounds will simply fade away. If you really do not want the wind to affect your hearing or to take resort to hearing aids later, start using ear plugs for your own safety. You can now get a grip on what the best earplugs for motorcycles are. Make sure you do your thorough research and buy the best one for your ears. After all, ears are definitely important for us, thus, you can rely on our earplugs and earmuffs reviews.