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Although it can be understandably hard to imagine anyone in this world would harbor a real passion for objects such as protective earplugs (except budding engineers maybe), at WearPlug we can certainly acclaim to be the closest thing you’ll find to a real passion for ear (hearing) protection. It isn’t so much a passion for the earplugs or earmuffs themselves however, but more a passion for all the processes it takes to put a set of protective earplugs / earmuffs together. Our deep-running interest collectively focuses on exactly which processes go into making which aspect of a final product manufactured for the purposes of offering protection to your hearing. Our team of reviewers, headed by our equally passionate editor, simply love the process of gauging earplug manufacturing aspects such as materials used and their precise amounts, size, weight, manufacturing processes followed, etc., in direct relation to what the final product looks and feels and how it performs.
We totally understand that what’s ultimately important for end-users however, is how the hearing protection you’re considering will perform and how much of a fit it is for you. That’s why we’ve distilled all the technical details down to a selection of comprehensive guides, reviews, tips and important pointers to consider. All you have to go with is made up of some useful information you can make quick and easy reference to on your quest to choose the best hearing protection for you.
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