ClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs Review

Design Overview

One look at the outward appearance of this padded set of earmuffs from ClearArmor and it’s very easy to totally believe their claim of these premium industrial grade quality earmuffs carrying a guarantee not to break. They’re very sturdily built and just look like they have a lot of mileage in them yet to be covered by both shooters / gun enthusiasts and industrial workers. A double layer of their anti-noise foam has been applied to not only give the unit a serious heavy-duty look but also serve to deliver the highest Noise Reduction Rating we’ve seen in protective earmuffs so far. The ear-cups are very big and thick, which leaves no question of the singular focus of these protective earmuffs, which is to offer ultimate protection for your hearing.

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Features & Application

The double-layer of the manufacturers’ unique noise-cancellation foam makes this the leading set of earmuffs in terms of the Noise Reduction Rating, which is a mind-blowing 34dB. We’re yet to come across and test protective earmuffs which not only claim to have as high an NRR as these ClearArmors do but also actually delivers on that NR Rating in practice. Admittedly, though, you’d expect nothing less than a 30+ NRR from a set of earmuffs which features ear-cups that are a quarter of an inch thick. This set demonstrates a classic direct-proportion relationship between the size and thickness of the material used and the NRR yield achieved. The thicker the material used, the higher the NRR should be.

In practice, however, what is perhaps the highest NR Rating seems to come at a price, one which many might be willing to pay, but some probably won’t. Understandably so too… We’re talking about comfort here. Slap them on for a good few minutes and all’s well — your ears will be well protected from the loudest noise any industrial process can produce, or any of the heaviest caliber gunshots you’ll be within earshot of. Keep them on for 30 minutes or longer (sometimes even for shorter periods than that) and you’ll start to feel really uncomfortable as they are quite a tight fit, perhaps even a bit too tight. Unless you have a narrow head (if that’s even a thing), these earmuffs offer absolute protection but for a very short time.

The manufacturers describe them as having a snug fit, but it’s perhaps a bit too “snug” for any prolonged practicality. Otherwise, the headband is adjustable, which offers a bit of relief, but 34dB of Noise Reduction still comes at a cost. They do fit over shooting glasses though and even though they’re very big and bulky, they fold-up quite well for easy storage and transportation.

AtClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs 2 the end of the day it’s about the best protection you can get for your hearing, whether you’re mowing the lawn, shooting a shotgun (and perhaps even a canon), or if you’re operating a chain saw, it doesn’t get much better than this in terms of the NRR and subsequent protection you get.



  • Best NRR (34dB) and set of earmuffs currently offered
  • Very durable and sturdy build, so your investment is sure to last you for a really long time
  • Cups swivel, which makes them a bit more convenient and just a little bit more comfortable than they otherwise are
  • ANSI S3.19 and CE EN521 tested and certified, so you’re sure to get what is advertised, which is the highest NR Rating and a quality-guarantee you can count on
  • The head band is padded, which also adds its bit to the comfort-factor, however little it is


  • They fit a little bit too tightly, to the point where if you use them continuously for some time, they actually start to hurt a little
  • They’re very big; perhaps the biggest we’ve tested
  • For shooters, you’re probably only really limited to using them with a 22 caliber rifle as they have gaps that are quite big in the internal foam

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Unmatched noise protection with none of the frills. You want noise protection, you get ultimate noise protection from these earmuffs, and nothing much else really. Whether you’re shooting high caliber firearms or if you’re working in a heavy-duty industrial environment with lots of high impulse noise, pure protection for your hearing doesn’t get more solid than this. Not for use for prolonged periods however because they fit a bit too tightly for average sized heads.