3M Peltor TacticalPro Communications Headset Review

Design Overview

Weighing in at an impressive 0.85 pounds, these protective earmuffs promise a lot just by their appearance. One could very easily pass them off as studio-grade audio headsets with their comfortable-looking shape, rounded ear-cups and strategically placed buttons which operate the device’s electronics. In full action, the earmuffs definitely deliver on what their physical appearance promises. The light weight comes together with softened cushions inside the rounded ear-cups that run very deep, delivering a type of comfort that will have you easily wearing them all day at the shooting range and maybe for some outdoor shooting as well.

It’s a CE approved set of earmuffs as well, so the effectiveness in functionality is reinforced by more than just the durable build it appears to have at first glance.

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Features & Application

For a set of earmuffs that seems to be a bit big and bulky in size, this particular unit is surprisingly light when you put them on. Because of its deceitfully lightweight, the game is changed a bit and while you might first buy them to offer you hearing protection at the shooting range, you’ll very quickly find that they’re a great fit for the great outdoors.

The manufacturers, in writing their description, might have sold their product a bit short because we can honestly say that this is one of the best-performing protective earmuffs in practical situations. Perhaps there could have been some “outdoorsy” color variations to indicate this unit’s suitability to outdoor shooting, but black will do. What’s important is that you’ll get solid protection whether you’re hunting and shooting in snow or in the rain — the comfort just doesn’t give way. The electronics continue working great as well.

Officially, the technical Noise Reduction Rating for this device stands at a very competitive 26dB. What this means in action is that you get about 50% improved performance if you compare these earmuffs with the Tactical Sport model. What it also means is that you don’t really have to make use of extra foam earplugs to get the adequate hearing protection required.

Two standard AA sized batteries powers up the electronics, but you can also buy the unit with a convenient rechargeable battery package.

As you might have guessed, however, indoor shooting becomes even more fun and safer with these earmuffs. As far as electronic protective earmuffs go, for the price they come at, these earmuffs are a steal. It does get better though if you’re looking in the region of an NR Rating of around 30dB, in which case you can go for the Howard Leight Honeywell R-01902 Impact Pros.

An NRR of 26dB is more than enough though and only adds to the overall performance you’ll get from these 3M Peltor TacicalPros. Very few units offer an NR Rating this high, while also offering great comfort, weather-proofing and very effective ambient sound filtering (“good” noise is amplified and potentially damaging noise is shut-out).



  • Noisy environments do not hinder the clarity of the ambient audio such as human voices
  • You can easily use this device with your radio
  • It has a very good Noise Reduction Rating of 26dB, which is an achievement for a set of earmuffs of this size and yet offers comfort nonetheless
  • Does well to amplify low audio while dangerous impulsive noises are suppressed


  • If you want to make full use of the audio integration feature (such as plugging in an audio input device), you’ll have to buy the jack cable separately as it appears to have been a post-market accessory

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This is one set of earmuffs you definitely won’t regret buying as it can quite easily cover a very wide range of uses. In addition to its two-way radio communication capabilities and the 26dB of noise reduction protection it offers, you’ll find it working well beyond the shooting range. Forklift operators, mechanics who work in noisy maintenance environments, various workers in the industrial field and even ground staff working at busy and noisy airports will be served well with these protective earmuffs.